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LZQ is an excellent OEM factory for high-precision full-finish-grinding medical tools, cutters, fixtures, spare parts, and special new products. Currently we mainly make products for the best world-class brands' suppliers. The main users of our OEM products are also manufacturing enterprises of medical tools and fixtures. Because we have been engaged in the production of non-standard tools and moulds, forming fixtures, ultra-high anti-rust & high hardness stainless steel and carbide brazing tools and fixtures for making precision components of aircrafts, warships, and automobiles, etc., we gradually establish and continuously improve our advanced integrated production systems and various precision technical production and processing capabilities, to achieve high-precision, highly complex and comprehensive-molding geometric processing of various types of medical tools, fixtures and accessories products, according to size / tolerance / requirements of drawings, samples to do the composite molding processing. We can produce extremely complex and precision shapes. Tools and cutters can be with laser segmentation, different colors of color ring, different colors of coating, inner hole ... ...different requirements, as long as there are samples or CAD drawings, we can achieve molding processing.

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Ultra micro-grain, long cutting age, perfect durability, can be made to order according to graph and sample.

Program customization

According to drawings or samples, we can customize CNC precision knife moulds, forming fixtures, brazing fixtures, wear-resistant parts, high-precision accessories by (3DX technology) profile, super-hard, super-fine grinding with ceramics, tungsten steel, diamond, ultra-high anti-rust high-hardness high-toughness stainless steel, titanium alloy, titanium and other series.

We specialze insuper-hardness maching for special, non-standard new items with different size and tolerance. Possessed of cutting-edge & comprehensive production system, as well as rich producing & machining capability with different precision technology, so as to realize high efficiency application.

We specialze

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